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School Marking Policies

While there are national guidelines laid out for primary and secondary schools, marking students’ work is very much down to the school itself and, as such, there is a definite need for customisation in delivering this information to staff; having a section on school marking policies in your teacher planner is an effective way to do this, as it is both easily referenced and can be used as a useful guide for new starters.

Including a section on school marking policy is helpful in supporting teachers in making the marking process more manageable; we understand that marking students’ work can be one of the most time consuming aspects of teaching and keeping school protocols close to hand as part of a planner works well to streamline this often lengthy task.

How much detail and structure you include is down to your school’s requirements and preferences, but there are some particularly useful references to include for quick access when teachers are marking work. Our library of ideas has page suggestions for each of these areas, but we can also design pages that are specifically tailored to the marking policies that your school uses.

Common Symbols

Having a uniform method for marking homework is an effective way to keep things consistent for both staff and students. Depending on the subject, there can be a number of ways to mark work, but there will be some crossover and it can help students better understand feedback if there is a cohesive system to the marks they receive on their work.

Attainment and Effort

Increasingly, there is the need to encourage a positive system of feedback for students that actively helps them to see that their work is recognised regardless of attainment grades. As such, many schools have different criteria for attainment grades and effort grades that works on a sliding scale for age/year group. Having a page that lays out these criteria is a huge time saver for teachers that are marking work across more than one year group.

Subject Specific Criteria

Understandably, there will be quite a difference in the way a teacher assesses an english essay, compared with the solution to a maths problem. Having a customisable planner is where these differences can be addressed, making it easier for teachers to access the marking policies that are relevant to their subject area.