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Recording Progress And Setting Targets

Your students’ planners are the ideal place to set targets and keep track of their progress. With a fully customised student planner, you can decide how often these targets are set and reviewed, giving you the flexibility to fit your target-setting systems around the way your staff like to work.

Because students always have their planners on them, this increases the psychological value of the targets that you set; they become long-term goals that students can apply themselves to. Rather than hiding these targets out of view of your students and their parents, you can make them easily accessible, both at school and at home.

ppl-05Home-school communication
Parents want to know what their children are working towards achieving and how well they are progressing towards
their goals. You can involve your students’ families in the target-setting process and open up a dialogue by including these pages in their planners. This can prove to be invaluable at parents’ evenings, as it makes it easy to discuss their child’s progress.

Set targets for anything
You could set individual targets for core curriculum subjects, such as Mathematics and English, or pastoral targets, such as behaviour and attendance. These should be relevant to your school and students, so make sure that they’re customised to your needs. With The School Planner Company’s design service, you can change anything – the text, images, style, or layout – to match your school’s requirements.

Termly overview
Some schools find it useful to include target-setting pages in their student planners’ diary section before each term or half term. This can help to set the tone for the weeks ahead, and acts as a reminder of the goals that your students are aiming to achieve. You can also recap these at parents’ evenings or termly reviews.

If you don’t want to clutter or break up your diary section, you could include a separate target review section. You can make this stand out from the rest of your planner by having your print service produce them on coloured paper; it’s free to do this with The School Planner Company.

Weekly targets
Consider giving students the ability to set themselves mini-targets for each week of the school year. You could build targets into your diary pages to demonstrate the importance of self-improvement and hard work – children love to be able to measure their progress in bite-sized chunks.

Reading records
Keep all the information you need to assess pupil progress in one place by including reading records in your student planners. Many schools combine their reading records with their student to create a multi-functional tool with a variety of everyday uses.

If you want to find out more about how you can create a highly effective, 100% customised diary section for your planners, click here.

Reward achievement
Don’t forget to reward your students’ progress. Make your target pages a positive record; include space for children to add their achievements. You can make this even more effective by incorporating your rewards system into your student planners. Click here to learn why fully customised student planners are the ideal place to include your reward systems and policies.

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