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Teacher Planner Timetables

Beyond national guidelines that schools use to time the start and end of the school day, the structure of each day is another thing that is quite unique to each school. Our customised teacher planners can include as many or as few templates for timetables as you require, and, as with other pages, can be as detailed or basic as you prefer. Customised timetables have the edge over generic counterparts, as there is no limit to how much you need to break your day down, or how many parts of the day you want to keep track of outside of the classroom.

Some schools split their timetables over alternating weeks; this can also be reflected in your planners for ease of use by teachers. If you need different timetables for different editions of your planners, we can accommodate this at no extra cost.

Other types of timetable that teachers may find useful include (but are not limited to): Homework timetable, form group timetable, form group homework timetable, parents’ evenings timetable, notable dates timetable, examination timetable.

While some schools may not have much of a need to record and plan meetings among staff, other schools may find they need a substantial amount of planning set aside for staff meetings. Department heads, team leaders, and headteachers in particular may find additional pages in their planners for tracking meetings extremely useful. Beyond staff meetings, it can also be useful to have pages that allow teachers to plan for meetings with parents, whether these are one offs, or more structured like parents’ evening.