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How To Use The Online Library Of Page Ideas

The Online Library of Page Ideas makes it quicker and easier to find what you’re looking for. Remember that every page is fully customisable; we can change the text, images, and style. Click here for the quick-start guide.

Any device
You can access the library from any device by saving this link and following the instructions. If you feel confident, you can dive straight in. If you need help figuring anything out, or if you want us to guide you through it, click on one of the links below, or scroll down to continue reading.

Choose to view the Primary, Secondary, or Teacher library from the tabs at the top of the screen.

You can click on any page thumbnails that you like the look of to view a larger version in a modal window. You can close a modal window by clicking or tapping on the X at the top right of the window, or by clicking or tapping anywhere else on the page.

onlinelibraryguideThe library is split into collections of pages to make it easier to browse. You can flip through the library by using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. Click the double chevrons to view the first (<<) or last (>>) page of the library, or click the single chevrons (<, >) to scroll through.

Enter your keyword(s) into the Search bar in right-hand corner of the Toolbar, and press enter or click Search. The library will show you all pages that are related to that key term.

You can clear the text you have entered into the Search bar by clicking the clear button.

If you’re using the online library in conjunction with our printed Library of Page Ideas – which you can get a copy of by requesting a sample pack – you can also enter the Reference ID of any pages you want to view.

You can filter the library by subject or curricular focus. Click the drop-down box in the Toolbar, and select one of the pre-generated options. This will remove any pages that are not related to this section.

Note that if you have entered any text into the Search bar, this will be erased. If you want to filter by section and keyword, you will have to choose the section first, and then enter your keyword(s) into the Search bar.

Reference ID
If you are ordering your planner with us, make sure to write down the Reference ID of any page ideas that you like. The easiest way to keep all of your page ideas in one place is to use the Favourites system.

You can save your favourite page ideas to view later. Hover your cursor over a page thumbnail, and click the favourite icon that appears in the top-right corner of the thumbnail. This page is now saved to your favourites. The favourite icon is also displayed in the page idea’s modal window.

Click the favourite icon again to remove a page idea from your favourites.

If you have any saved favourites, you can view them by clicking on the My Favourites button in the Toolbar. If you want to keep your saved favourites once you close the window, or if you want to share your favourites with your colleagues, you can copy the nine-digit code from the Favourites code box.

Loading your favourites is as simple as entering the nine-digit Favourites code into the Favourites code box, and clicking the Load Favourites button. You can do this on any computer, as your favourites are saved to our server.

Recommended pages
To save you time, we have marked our most popular pages with the Recommended tag. Recommended pages can be recognised by the star icon. As with all our pages, you don’t have to choose these for your planner; they are only suggestions.

If you want to view all of the recommended pages, you can click on the View Recommended button in the Toolbar.

National Curriculum heading
Many of our subject-specific pages, such as pages for Mathematics, English, or Science, are built around the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. You can discover how these pages can support you in delivering the National Curriculum in the modal window for each page idea.

First, click on a page thumbnail to open up the corresponding modal window for that page. If the page idea has information from the National Curriculum, you can read the text under the National Curriculum heading to find out more. Please note that not all pages have this information. You can also click the hyperlink in the text to view the corresponding section of the National Curriculum in a new tab.

Related Pages heading
If a page idea is part of a series, has a colour version, or if there are similar page ideas in our library, we have added Related Pages quick-find links to make it easy to find these.

Related Pages quick-find links can be found under the Related Pages heading on the corresponding Modal window. Please note that not all of our page ideas have this information.

Click here for the quick-start guide.