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Help Topics

Planner Customisation Guides

Here you can find more in-depth guides to help you make the most of the customisation options.

Homework Diary

Homework Diary pages can be adapted to reflect how your school sets and records homework.

Library of Page Ideas

Read more about navigating our extensive library of planner page ideas.

Staff and Teacher Planners

Read more about the customisation options for staff planners.

Student Planners

More in-depth articles looking at the student planner pages in our library.

Primary School Planners

Articles looking at the types of pages most often used in primary planners.

How To Guides

A set of guides to help you consider the customisation of your planners.

Planner Enhancements

Colour coding sections and more to further customise your planners.

Case Studies

Read about some of the schools we have worked with to produce bespoke planner solutions.

Generic Planners

Our pre-printed planners are great if you need just a couple of planners, or want to buy in bulk.

Exercise Books

Articles and guides to help you make the best choices for your school's exercise books.