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Refer a Friend

Recommendations from our customers are really important to us

Refer a Friend

We’d like to show our appreciation for your support. If you recommend us to a school* which then goes on to place an order for our customised planners, we will send both you and them a £50 Amazon voucher (or give a £50 deduction on the invoice) as a ‘thank you’. You can refer as many new schools as you like and will receive a voucher or discount for each school that orders.

We’ve set up a form to make referrals easy. Fill in the form, and an email bearing your name will be sent to your contacts (see the preview below), inviting them to request a sample pack and explaining the referral scheme.

*Vouchers will be sent or discounts will be applied when the referred school order is invoiced. For the discount to apply, referred schools must not be an existing customer of the School Planner Company.

Preview email

Hi [New Contact Name],

We have been given your name by [Your Name] at [Your School] who would like to recommend our fully bespoke homework diaries / teacher planners to you.

If you were to place an order for our customised planners, we will send you and them a £50 Amazon voucher for your school (or a £50 deduction from your invoice) through our introductory referral scheme.

Please reply to this email to receive a sample pack or call us on 01480 410432.

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