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Secondary Computing Pack

Our new Computing pack is now available to view in our online library. We’ve built the ideas in this pack to meet the statutory needs of the National Curriculum. You can find out how these page ideas meet these needs by clicking on them.

These pages are part of the new Computing section of our library. The full library has over 1,200 pages. Click here to access the full Online Library of Page Ideas. Alternatively, you can click here to request a free sample pack.

All of these pages are fully customisable

Quick-reference Pages

Reference pages are a fantastic resource for teaching students about computational thinking.

Understanding Binary

Tables and guides to help your students learn difficult-to-grasp concepts.

Boolean Logic

Cheat sheets to support your students and advanced concepts to challenge them.

Systems and Components

Information about home computer systems.

The Internet

Help students to understand how the Internet works.

Student Safety and Wellbeing

Both in school and in later life, it’s important for students to learn about basic Internet safety and wellbeing.

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These pages are part of the new Computing section of our library.