SPC Customised – What Makes The School Planner Company Different

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Our customised planners are different

from other companies’ planners.

Other planner companies:

The School Planner Company:

Limited cover options

Choose a cover design from a few choices, or supply your own design.

Other companies offer a limited choice of planner covers

Full design service as standard

Our graphic design team will create a cover design for you that represents your school.

Unique planner covers designed for your school
Other planner companies

Fixed blocks of pages

Include 16/32 page blocks of policies and other content specific to your school.

This usually involves populating inflexible templates, or even having to design the pages yourself from scratch.

The School Planner Company

Any number of pages – infinite possibilities

Every page, from cover to cover, is bespoke. Include as many or as few school-specific pages as you want. We do all of the design work for you!

Ensure all of your school policies are to hand, along with all your dedicated school systems, from merits to mentoring.

Other companies force you to add pages in blocks of 8 or 16
We have no minimum or maximum page counts


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Other planner companies

Print-ready reference pages

Include pre-designed reference pages from a handful of options.

Their library options are bland
The School Planner Company

Thousands of ideas to use or adapt

We have over 2,000 page ideas in our library. Use them as they are, change them, or ask us to design new pages. Add as many pages as you need.

Our library is packed with over 2,000 pages of curriculum content
Other planner companies

Inflexible diary layouts

Decide on one of several diary layout styles. You have to change your ways of working to match the diary layout.

Other company's diary sections are generic

DYO or “do your own” planners offer the only opportunity to make your own pages.

The School Planner Company

Tailored to your school

We will create a design that fits around your students’ needs and your school’s practices – not the other way around.

Submit your information and page ideas as written notes, emails, or even collages

If you have a concept for a page design, send us your ideas in any format – scrawlings, collages, or bullet points of ideas – and our design expertise will make them come to life.

Other planner companies

Check the planners yourself

Proofread and check the planners yourself.

The School Planner Company

Dedicated proofreading team

Our in-house proofreading and QA teams will check through your planner word by word before sending you a digital proof.

We will provide as many proofs as you need.

Other companies don't check your planners before printing
Our in-house proofreading team ensure your planners are up to scratch

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