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The Digital Companion Planner

How many gathering points do students have?

Schools that use a digital or online planning system still have multiple gathering points for their students’ work. 

Imagine being a student. Your Geography homework is on the VLE, you’ve been given a handout to work through for Mathematics, your English teacher wants you to complete the task you started in your exercise book, and you’re completely confused.

Check-box style planners don’t cut it

Traditional planners are a good way to keep track of work you’ve completed, but what if you can’t find it in the first place?

Enter the Digital Companion Planner:

The essential companion to online planning systems

Customisable Key System

Paper planners are the perfect low-cost addition to digital planner systems. Our customisable key system makes it simple to see where all of your work is kept at a glance.

Digital planners can leave some parents feeling excluded. Bring them back into the fold with paper planners.

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