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Increase attainment by improving pupil and teacher wellbeing

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What is WELLsmart?

WELLsmart is a health and lifestyle programme that primary schools can adopt to boost pupil attainment.

It’s based on research that proves physical fitness and health has a positive impact on achievement.



WELLsmart benefits everybody in the primary school community

Teachers, Pupils, and Parents

A stress-busting task for teachers

Everyone Benefits

The programme consists of weekly tasks for both teachers and pupils.


Quick and Easy

It takes as little as five minutes each day and fits around planned lessons.


Supported by Research

All WELLsmart tasks are based around the findings of peer-reviewed research.

A task designed to boost emotional literacy

The Benefits

WELLsmart for primary schools boosts pupil attainment and overall wellbeing & happiness by focusing on improving four key competencies



Improving the quality of pupils’ and teachers’ interactions

Regular participation in physical activity is heavily associated with enhanced social participation (Santana et al. 2016).

In other words, the more socially active children are, the more physically active they are.



Bolstering resilience and adopting coping strategies

Emotional competence has been shown to have a positive influence on academic engagement and commitment (Duckworth and Seligman, 2005).

This has a greater effect on academic attainment than IQ.



Changing attitudes towards healthy lifestyles

As pupils’ attitudes towards regular physical activity improve, so do their Maths, English and Science exam results – by up to 20% (Lindner, 2002).

Pupils who habitually participate in physical activities also benefit from increased attainment.



Developing the school community and spirit

A whole-school approach to improving school culture has a significant effect on pupils’ adoption of new healthy behaviours (Public Health England, 2014).

The healthier the school culture, the healthier the pupils.

All tasks are based on peer-reviewed articles

Based on Research

Every activity in the WELLsmart programme has been built around the findings of peer-reviewed research, including journal publications and institutions such as the DfE and Health for England.

Each task is supported by evidence demonstrating how it supports health, wellbeing, and pupil attainment.

Why WELLsmart?


You don’t need any additional resources to run WELLsmart

Easy to Run

Task-based programme that’s quick and easy for staff to implement and for pupils to follow

Lasting Benefits

Pupils learn positive new behaviours that will last a lifetime

Complete Package

Tasks cover the full school year, so staff don’t have to plan ahead

Start Now

You don’t need any special equipment – get started straight away

Meet WELLsmart’s Authors

The WELLsmart initiative is developed and produced by strengthconditioning, and wellbeing experts Kirk Bowyer and Ross Burbeary, in association with The School Planner Company.

Kirk Bowyer

BSc Sports Rehabilitation
UKSCA (United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association) Accredited


Kirk has extensive experience in the field of sport science and health and wellbeing for elite athletes.

  • Fitness trainer to International Tennis Player, Elena Baltacha, from February 2009 to March 2010. Within this period, Elena became the new British number 1.
  • Head Fitness Coach, Leyton Orient Football Club
  • Fitness trainer to elite racing drivers providing race day support, i.e. nutrition, hydration monitoring, effective preparation, and recovery.
  • Fitness coach to elite juniors competing in a wide range of sports, both nationally and internationally.

Ross Burbeary

BSc Sport Science with Coaching
MSc Strength & Conditioning
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association)


Ross offers a comprehensive background in Sports Science, Strength & Conditioning, Physiology, Nutrition, and Injury Rehabilitation at elite level, having worked in professional sport since 2005.

  • As a result of his extensive experience, Ross is well recognised within the sport industry as a specialist in athletic development and performance management.
  • He has been responsible for the management, design, and delivery of performance enhancement programmes with athletes at all levels and ages in a variety of sports across the UK and USA.

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