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Reduce overall costs and boost pupil attainment

Our new reference sections slot easily into your customised planner design

  • Save money on printing subject-specific reference sheets, which can quickly rack up
  • Encourage pupils to engage with their planners and to take ownership of their own learning
  • Impress parents and external invigilators – our reference section covers statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.
Secondary school standard 16-page reference section

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What’s Included?

Three mathematics pages covering angles, trigonometry, algebra, geometry, powers, and shapes

A table of unit conversions

Three English pages covering punctuation, grammar, and commonly misspelled words

Four Science pages including the periodic table, hazard symbols, the reactivity series, the scientific method, and physics equations

Tips and techniques to manage and relieve stress

Two growth mindset pages, including a page of inspirational quotes

An Internet safety guide

The Eatwell Guide

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