Student Planners

Create engagement with the most customised planners available

Every school is unique, which is why we are dedicated to creating unique bespoke student planners.

We create planners that work for you.

  • You determine the content of every single page, from cover to cover.
  • All design work done for you and dedicated advisors to help you.
  • Use our vast library of page ideas to discover ideas and save time

Increase relevance by having editions for each key stage, house or year group at no extra cost. A well-designed student planner can help improve student outcomes.

Student Planners

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Select the products you’d like to know more about and we will send you a full product and service sample pack, including a physical copy of our library of page ideas.

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Our school planner specialists will create a completely free no-obligation proof for your school, with pages and resources based on your school’s information, needs and existing content.

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Full-Colour Print

Maximise the potential of your planners. Having colour on every page engages students and helps improve memory and attention.

  • Make your custom reference pages clearer and easier to understand.
  • Headings become more readable in colour with brighter text highlighting important sections.
  • Diagrams and illustrations become clearer and more engaging.
  • Colour bars at the top of each planner page act as a quick-index.
Studies show that colour can help increase concentration, cognitive ability, and help with memory recall.


Full colour student planner example spread

Your Choice of Pages

There is no limit to the number of pages you can include in your customised student planners.

Save time on content origination and use pages from our extensive library of page ideas or send us your ideas and we’ll take care of the design.

Homework Pages Example Spread

Homework Pages

Include pages that can help students organise their homework and school life. Perfect for all weekly processes.

Pages for Recording Progress Example

Recording progress

Whatever your mechanism for assessing progress, the planner is ideal as a daily/weekly/monthly student diary of learning.

Stop and Go Pages Example

Stop and Go cards

Coloured cards can be used to aid quick-fire yes/no or true/false questions with students.

Example Timetable Pages


Include customised timetables specific to your school for both lessons and homework.

Example Whiteboard Page for Planner


Give students space to record their ideas, for planning work or for jotting down lesson notes.

Key Information Pages Example Spread

Key information

Customised information pages provide students and parents with a single port of call for all key information and policies.

SEN Planner


Content designed specifically for SEN needs with pages for students, teachers, parents and carers.

Rewards and Achievements Spread Example

Rewards and achievements

Incorporate your existing rewards and praise systems, or we can help you create a design based on your existing practices.

Subject specific page spread example

Subject support pages

Include pages to support individual subjects, ensuring that students have access to key resources and information.

Pages for parents example spread

Pages for parents

Reinforce home-school communication by including your school’s timetables, revision planners and attendance records.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our designers will help you create bespoke pages from your ideas or existing content.
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Your Cover Design

A well designed cover can engage students, making the planner interesting and attractive, encouraging them to be proud of their planner.

Incorporate your logo or crest into the cover design, along with achievement logos, such as Sport England or Investors in People.

student planner photography cover


Photos of your school buildings, photos taken during school activities or photos of students’ work can be very effective.

student planner illustration


Original student artwork and illustration looks great on planner covers, highly appropriate for specialist art schools.

Multiple edition student planner s

Multiple Editions

Use colour to differentiate between different editions of your planners, or for different houses – no extra cost!

Your Choice of Binding

Tough binding is essential for such a well-used school resource.

We offer a range of binding systems to hold planner pages securely for the duration of the school year.

Photo of student planner plastic coil binding

Plastic Coil

Most popular and highly flexible, it retains its shape and will not cut or tear the paper.

Photo of student planner square back binding

Square Back

Ideal for reading record booklets, homework diaries and termly diaries.

wire binding on a student planner


Durable, heavy-gauge steel wire, with two loops per hole to stop pages tearing.

Your Choice of Extras

Enhance your students’ planners with a clip-in ruler and bookmark, clear wallets to keep loose documents safe or whiteboards to take temporary notes and show information in class.

planner whiteboard

Internal Whiteboards

Planner whiteboards can be used by the whole class simultaneously as a ‘show-me board’.

Homework Pages Example Spread

Clear Wallets

Handy wallet which is bound into the planner and open at the top to hold loose documents.

Clip in protractor example

Clip-in Protractor

The protractor is designed to clip into both our wiro and coil binding.

Whiteboard cover planner example

Whiteboards on Covers

A great way to get a whiteboard at no additional cost.

Clip in ruler example

Clip-in Bookmark Ruler

The ruler is designed to clip into both our wiro and coil binding.

Internal Card Pocket Planner

Corner / Business Card Pockets

Plastic corner pockets fixed to the planner cover to hold loose documents or identity cards.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our designers will help you create bespoke pages from your ideas or existing content.
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Why use customised student planners?

Customised student planners are the perfect resource to promote strong organisational skills. A custom planner gives every student a tool designed to maximise productivity and improve outcomes.

  • Time management
  • Record keeping
  • Homework Planning
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Subject support
  • Project planning and more

Include all daily and weekly processes on planning pages designed for your needs. Prompt students to record in a way that reduces stress and increases productivity.

Teacher Teaching

Why are student planners important to parents?

Time-management and homework success can be key to achieving top grades.
When it comes to helping with homework, it can be difficult for parents to understand how much support is needed.

Some may worry they are not doing enough to support learning outside the classroom. Customized student planners help parents understand a child’s workload and needs.

Pages that are designed for the school’s exact needs tend to be used more consistently. They can be designed to promote strong communication between school, child and parent.

Allowing parents to support learning while upholding standards set by schools.

Student Learning

Will our planners last the school year?

Our secondary student planners are made from materials that will survive constant use. We guarantee our coil binding to last the school year (barring intentional acts of destruction!).

  • Crush, twist or bend – they always returning to their original shape
  • Will not cut or tear the pages
  • Works equally well with any number of pages

We also offer metal spiral, twin loop wiro, stitched and more binding types. However, coil binding is the choice we recommend in most cases.

To aid durability, covers are printed on heavy card and laminated both sides. Clear poly covers also add a high degree of robustness to most bind types. These covers have rounded corners so that they will not damage other items in school bags!

KS3 Example Planner

How can student planners help ensure a safe and successful school year?

Our customised secondary student planners are the perfect place to keep important information, procedures and policies to ensure a safe and successful year. Use our topic-relevant library pages to ensure important information is always at hand for students, parents and teachers.

Ensure pupils have key curriculum content whether at home or school. Reduce students’ need to share textbooks and other printed content. Include bound-in clear wallets, allowing printed policy pages to be swapped easily at short notice. No need to rip out pages.

Safe and Successful Example Spread

How can I make homework diaries for my school?

Use our homework recording pages to create dedicated custom homework planners or diaries. We have a variety of designs in our library, which can be used as shown or amended to better fit your needs. Alternatively, we can create a new design for you.

A customised homework diary can be a powerful tool in supporting your school’s home-school communication and reinforcing your school systems.

Girl using school planner

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What Are Fully Customised School Planners?

For their 2015/16 student planners, Essex-based school Passmores Academy chose to have two editions: one for Key Stage 3 students, and one for Key Stage 4 Students. With the two editions, Passmores was able to tailor content for relevant students – for example, inclusion of their personal development programme for KS4 students.

Teachers at the school have enjoyed using home-school communication pages to open a meaningful dialogue with parents, with one tutor saying that it’s useful to have a way to communicate non-urgent information with parents. Class tutors and subject teachers alike also like to have subject reference pages readily available to students.


We’re proud of the work that we do to help schools make the best bespoke resources for their unique processes. It’s fulfilling to hear how our products are being used as a vital learning, communication and teaching tool for so many students, parents and teachers around the UK.
testimonial stars

Student planners offer a great way of communicating with parents and for parents to communicate with the school.

testimonial stars

Our student planners contain key dates, information and policies. They allow communication between home and school and enable staff and students to stay organised.

testimonial stars

They are easy to use and to understand. Student planners give teachers the ability to contact parents, the students the opportunity to keep on top of work and parents the chance to see what their kids are doing.

Customised Student Planner FAQs

Find the answers to common questions relating to customised student planners.

If you have any more questions about anything, why not talk to our team.

Talk To The Team

A student planner is an Ideal resource for secondary students and is used as a learning aid, a homework diary, development tool and helps improve home-school communication and parental engagement.

A student planner can include everything from homework diaries, rewards and achievements, reading progress, subject support, timetables and more.

Our fully customised student planners can designed to me your schools and students every need

Our team will support you every step of the way.

Our advisors can talk through how to develop effective student planners for your school. You will have access to our full library of planner page ideas. This is can be a huge time-saving resource and help you avoid reinventing the wheel.

Our design team put in all the time so that you don’t have to, ensuring everything is consistent.

Our proofreaders check carefully for errors and will also make recommendations where they may help you.

Our on-site production centre works to the highest standards, ensuring you get consistent, quality student planners that will last the school year.

Once we receive your content, our design team will create your editions, ensure they are proofread, then send out to you to evaluate. This step usually takes two to three weeks during our summer peak, but is quicker earlier in the year.

You are welcome to develop the student planner further before it goes to print, we do not charge extra for this. Production takes two to three weeks, including delivery to your school.

If you are an existing customer, it can be as simple as sending us new term dates. For new customers, you can:

  • Send us other school resources for inclusion
  • Use any copyright-free content from your existing planner
  • Choose any number of pages from our extensive student planner content library

You don’t need to worry about presentation – just bundle your ideas and send to us. Our design team will take care of the rest.

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. Cost is added per page you choose to include – there are no hidden extras. Full pricing is included in our free information pack, and our team will advise you if we have any promotions or early order discounts available to you.

Note that it does not cost extra to have more than one edition, e.g. for each Key Stage.

We print and bind in our Huntingdon production centre using high-quality materials that will last the full school year.

Our standard papers are 80gsm and have been tested to ensure they hold ink well without blotting for most pen types.
Covers are heavy card, laminated for durability to avoid moisture ingress from damp kit in schoolbags.
Outer covers are polypropylene, which is 100% recyclable and highly valued in the recycling process, along with the binding.

In most places, the student planner can be dropped into your household recycling. We recommend removing the spiral binding before recycling. For plastic coils, simply snip off one end and pull out from the other!

Please note that we can, for a small cost, offer recycled papers for your student planners.

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