Primary School Planners

Customised Primary School Planners for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Customised Primary School Planners are a vital lesson resource.

  • They help and support independent learning.
  • Begin to promote organisational skills.
  • Keep parents in the loop and support learning at home
  • Assist behaviour management
  • Support homework-setting and logging activities, including reading progress

With our customised planners, you determine the content of every page. We design your customised primary school planners to work hard for your school.

They can save you money on other resources too, including:

  • Reading records
  • Spelling lists
  • Rewards and praise
  • Subject content

We can also create separate editions for each key stage or year group at no extra cost. This helps make our planners as relevant and focused as possible.

Primary School Planners

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Your Pages

You can choose from any number of page combinations. From school information, subject specifics and more. All pages are designed to suit primary aged children’s needs.

School Information Pages Spread Example

School Information

Include important school information to be able to communicate school policies, procedures and information to teachers, pupils, and parents.

Pupil Details Pages Spread Example

Pupil Details

Make space for pupil details near the front of your planner for easy access to essential information and emergency contact details.

Reading Records Spread Example

Reading Records

Incorporate reading records in your planners to keep all the information you need to assess pupils’ progress in one place.

Subject Specific Pages Example Spread

Subject Support

Support your pupils’ learning by including popular pages, such as: basic grammar and punctuation, spelling strategies, word lists and tips for improving writing.

Rewards and Praise Pages Example Spread

Rewards and Praise

Whole-school reward systems provide a process, which is essential for young children to learn the importance of striving to better themselves.

Stop and Go Pages

Stop and Go cards

Red/orange/green pages used by pupils to let the teachers know how they’re getting on in lessons, or to show answers to questions during lessons.

Timetable Pages Example Spread


Pupil planners can contain term dates and customised timetables specific to your school, helping to keep parents informed.

Whiteboard Pages Example Spread


Pages can be laminated as a dry-wipe miniature whiteboard, which has an endless number of possibilities for lessons.

Homework Pages Example Spread

Homework Diary

Including a diary in your primary school planners lays the groundwork for a strong relationship between school and home.

Pages for Parents Example Spread

Pages For Parents

Reinforce home-school communication by including your school’s timetables, revision planners and attendance records.

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Your Cover Design

Make your cover suit your school’s vision and communicate values. Customise your cover design with photos, illustrations, school logo and more. You can even add space for your pupils’ name, group or key stage

Incorporate your logo or crest into the cover design, along with achievement logos, such as Sport England or Investors in People.

Photography Cover Example


Include photographs of your school buildings or pupils studying.

illustration Cover Example


Illustrative designs are particularly engaging for your younger pupils.

Multiple Editions Covers Example

Multiple Editions

Consider changing the style and colour of your cover for each key stage.

Choice of Binding

Choose from our 3 binding types. Plastic coil, square back and wiro. All designed and made to survive the rigors of a tough school year.

Photo of student planner plastic coil binding

Plastic Coil

The plastic coils can be bent, crushed and twisted, yet the book will still return to its original shape.

Photo of student planner square back binding

Square Back

Square back planners lay flat which makes them easier to stack and handle throughout the school year.

wire binding on a student planner


Durable metal binding style made of heavy gauge steel wire, an alternative to the plastic coil option.

What is a Primary School Planner?

Customised Primary School Planners are the best tool to deliver everything your pupil needs. Our customised primary school planners are designed to your exact specification. Including all the pages you require with no limitations to page numbers.

Choose from your own cover design including your logo.
Add any number of pages and subjects:

  • School Policies, Schedules, Timetables, Maths, English, Spelling, Reading and more.
  • Choose from Key stage 1 or Key stage 2 and customise the content to your exact needs.
  • You can choose from white or coloured paper and even add full colour images.For example world maps, charts and graphs and more.

All to help your pupils maximise study potential. With clear easy to read pages chosen by you to act as the ultimate learning tool for your pupils.

Primary School Planner On Desk

Could I use multiple editions?

Unlike many other companies, we allow you to create multiple editions of your planner at no extra cost.

If you choose to create multiple editions:

  • You can choose to keep editions the same or tailor each to your exact needs.
  • You have complete control over the design.
  • Different covers, internal pages, binding, and lamination for each.

Many schools choose to create a different planner edition for each year group. By doing so, you allow the planner content to differ for each year group, making each year groups’ edition specific to them.

Example Set of Planners different Keystages

Can planners be used as reading records?

Yes, your planners can be used as reading records and diaries. The reading record pages we have in our planner library are all customisable. They can be adapted to reflect how your school prefers to deliver and support literacy at Key Stages 1 and 2. You can include additional pages on a particular aspect of reading; phonics for example.

Reading records and diaries underline the importance of allowing pupils to choose their own materials. In addition to those on the reading curriculum as well. This allows them to develop an enjoyment of reading. Identifying areas of progression for teachers if a child has a persisting pattern in their chosen reading materials.

Reading Records Example

How can I use a planner as a homework diary?

Homework diaries at primary level can be a great way to engage parents in their child’s education. Include tips on how they can best support their child with homework tasks and help them to manage their own time outside of school. Leaving space for both pupils and their parents to comment on homework. A homework diary is a great way of nourishing a strong home-school relationship that leaves communication more open.

Homework diaries are an additional way for teachers to identify areas in which students might be struggling. See this through how they are managing their homework diary.

Homework Diaries for primary schools

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Primary School Planners FAQs

Find the answers to common questions relating to customised school planners.

If you have any more questions about anything, why not talk to our team.

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Yes, you can use primary school planners as a homework diary. Homework diaries at primary level can be a great way to engage parents in their child’s education. You can include tips on how they can best support their child with homework tasks. Help them to manage their own time outside of school. Leaving space for both pupils and their parents to comment on homework. Nourishing a strong home-school relationship that leaves communication more open.

Primary school planners are an Ideal resource for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils, to be used as a learning aid, a homework diary, development tool and helps improve home-school communication and parental engagement.

Primary school planners can include everything from reading records, homework diaries, subject support, timetables and more.

Our fully customised primary school planners can designed to meet your schools and pupils every need.

If you are an existing customer, it can be as simple as sending us new term dates. For new customers, you can:

  • send us other school resources for inclusion
  • use any copyright-free content from your existing planner
  • choose any number of pages from our extensive planner content library

You don’t need to worry about presentation – just bundle your ideas and send to us. Our design team will take care of the rest.

Once we receive your content, our design team will create your editions, ensure they are proofread, then send out to you to evaluate. This step usually takes two to three weeks during our summer peak, but is quicker earlier in the year.

You are welcome to develop the planner further before it goes to print, we do not charge extra for this. Production takes two to three weeks, including delivery to your school.

We print and bind in our Huntingdon production centre using high-quality materials that will last the full school year. Our standard papers are 80gsm and have been tested to ensure they hold ink well without blotting for most pen types. Covers are heavy card, laminated for durability to avoid moisture ingress from damp kit in schoolbags.

Outer covers are polypropylene, which is 100% recyclable and highly valued in the recycling process, along with the binding. In most places, the planner can be dropped into your household recycling. We recommend removing the spiral binding before recycling. For plastic coils, simply snip off one end and pull out from the other!

Please note that we can, for a small cost, offer recycled papers for your planners.

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. Cost is added per page you choose to include – there are no hidden extras. Full pricing is included in our free information pack, and our team will advise you if we have any promotions or early order discounts available to you.

Note that it does not cost extra to have more than one edition, e.g. for each Key Stage.

Our team will support you every step of the way. Our advisors can talk through how to develop an effective planner for your school. You have access to our full library of planner page ideas.

This is can be a huge time-saving resource and help you avoid reinventing the wheel.

Our design team put in all the time so that you don’t have to, ensuring everything is consistent. Our proofreaders check carefully for errors and will also make recommendations where they may help you.

Our on-site production centre works to the highest standards, ensuring you get consistent, quality planners that will last the school year.


We’re proud of the work that we do to help schools make the best customised resources for their unique processes. It’s fulfilling to hear how our products are being used as a vital learning, communication and teaching tool for so many students, parents and teachers around the UK.
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My pupils benefit from useful help pages and also reading records to record reading assessment.

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They support our school ethos and bring the learning experiences together for all.

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They are used every day to support teaching and learning as well as communication between home and school.

What Are Fully Customised School Planners?

Fulbridge Academy is a primary school based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. In the video below, some of its teachers describe the benefits they have enjoyed as a direct result of using customised planners.

Among the uses cited by teachers are tailored planning pages, policies that are relevant to the school, and space for making notes during parents’ evenings

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