Assessment and Tracking

Why Handwriting Practice is still important in a digital age

Government research into attainment in schools shows that handwriting is the worst performing subject in Key Stages 1 and 2. Within these findings there was shown to be a significant gender gap with girls outperforming boys. According to the National []

Colour and Learning
Secondary Education

How Does Colour Affect Learning?

Something that is often overlooked when creating learning resources for children, is the colour of printed materials. But why does colour matter when it comes to learning? This article will look at the impact that colour has on attention and []

Student using knowledge organisers while learning
Planner Ideas and Inspiration

What are Knowledge Organisers and why are they so popular in schools?

What are knowledge organisers? Originally used in secondary schools, knowledge organisers are now becoming more popular in primaries as well. They isolate the key facts from a unit of work or a curriculum subject with the intention of being memorised. []

Student writing in learning journal
Help & Guides

What is a Learning Journal?

Learning journals make it simple to build up a weekly snap-shot of learning and achievement. Making insights into thought processes readily available for parents’ evenings or Ofsted inspections. Schools can use journals in each classroom to encourage independent learning, and []

child writing in printed school material
Help & Guides

Science Makes the Case for Printed Planners

Screen time for kids has long been a much debated topic, with many arguing that screens are detrimental to children’s health. In recent times there has been a shift from printed to digital materials in schools. This has been, of []

school pupil getting rewarded by teacher
Assessment and Tracking

Are School Reward Systems The Key To Academic Achievement?

School reward systems are an effective method of managing behaviour within the classroom, as well as actively promoting school values and teaching children right from wrong. They are largely based on the theories of behaviourism and social learning theory, the []

Children outside mental health
Health and Wellbeing

5 Tips To Promote Mental Health Awareness In Your School

There’s a looming mental health crisis. Covid-19 has created a wave of emotional problems for young people around the world. Outside of the home, schools are the first to see the impact of these issues and many teachers and staff []

teacher wellbeing
Resources for Teachers

Who’s Looking Out For Teachers’ Mental Health and Wellbeing?

New guidance has been published by the Department for Education on “Practical materials for primary and secondary schools to use to train staff about teaching mental wellbeing”. There’s a growing base of resources to help teachers support students’ mental health []

Health and well being in schools
Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing: The Role Of School

Hayley Walton explains the importance of mental health and wellbeing not only being a part of the curriculum, but something to nurture every day. As educators, we wear many different hats each day dependent on what the children under our []

Child reading a book for school
Primary Education

Reading Records and Literacy Guides

Developing reading skills at Key Stage 1 is part of the National Curriculum and an essential aspect of a child’s learning experience. From increasing their vocabulary to improving their spelling, the benefits of reading are far-reaching and well documented. Many []