SEN Student School Planners

Customised planners that support the additional needs of SEN students

Our fully customised SEN planners can include pages and systems that support additional needs.

We know that no two SEN schools are the same. Each will have a different approach to tracking progress, organising home learning, and communicating with staff, parents and carers.

Whether you need monitoring books for staff, or pupil-centric planners, we can help you.

Ask for our SEN-specific library of page ideas to explore how we can help your school. We have page examples to help pupils articulate their needs, self-reflection and useful help sheets. You can also use or adapt any of the page ideas shown in our primary and secondary school planner libraries.

SEN Student Planners

Get Your Sample Pack

Select the products you’d like to know more about and we will send you a full product and service sample pack, including a physical copy of our library of page ideas.

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Request A Free No Obligation Proof

Our school planner specialists will create a completely free no-obligation proof for your school, with pages and resources based on your school’s information, needs and existing content.

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Communication Support

Customised planners can include pages that support your communication needs:

  • Home-school communication and feedback
  • Monitoring to share between support staff
  • Keep everyone informed of key dates and milestones

Include your own communication guidance and make it relevant to SEN pupils, staff, parents and carers. We can help create pages that promote strong home-school engagement and feedback.

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Learning Support

We’ll work with you to create content that is both relevant and useful in supporting your staff and pupils. Planners can be student-focused, or a record book for support staff. Almost anything is possible with our help and guidance.

Communication support with school planners

What Can Be Included In A Customised SEN Planner?

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School Information and Policies

Share all of your important school information in your planner. Make your policies available in an accessible format that works best for you, your students and their parents.

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Home-school Communication

Customised SEN planners can provide guidance and facilitate home-school communication, supporting students, staff and parents or carers. All tailored to your school’s practices.

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Homework Diary

SEN planners are about much more than setting and tracking homework.

  • include self-reflection or emotional state monitoring
  • Record praise daily or weekly (or include a separate section)
  • Perfect for any daily or weekly processes
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SEN planners can contain term dates that are specific to your school. Keep your students, parents and carers informed of the school day and important dates.

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Tracking progress

Help your students keep track of their progress. We can create pages for tracking both personal and academic goals. Planners are ideal for recording and tracking mentoring sessions too.

Case Study

Lexden Springs is an SEN school based in North Essex, near Colchester. They requested bespoke content that allows teachers to support students effectively. Maintaining a meaningful dialogue with parents and carers. In fact, 94% of surveyed parents at the school said customised pages helped them better understand their child’s day at school, 89% feel confident that they could use the planner to communicate any issues with their child’s teacher(s).

Staff at Lexden Springs also find benefits in the students’ bespoke planners. Teacher Nicola said, “The key content is the space available for home. Letting us know how the pupil’s night has gone, so we can be aware of this when addressing their needs.” Other teachers surveyed agreed space for comments are one of the most useful sections in their planners.

Lexden Springs School

Get Your Free Sample Pack

Our customised student planners can be designed to match the workings of your SEN school. You determine the content and layout. Make it relevant for staff, students, parents and carers.

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SEN Student Planner FAQs

Find the answers to common questions relating to customised SEN student planners.

Talk To The Team

Once we receive your content, our design team will create your editions, ensure they are proofread, then send out to you to evaluate. This step usually takes two to three weeks during our summer peak, but is quicker earlier in the year. You are welcome to develop the planner further before it goes to print, we do not charge extra for this. Production takes two to three weeks, including delivery to your school.

Our team will support you every step of the way. Our advisors can talk through how to develop an effective planner for your school. You have access to our full library of planner page ideas. This is can be a huge time-saving resource and help you avoid reinventing the wheel. Our design team put in all the time so that you don’t have to, ensuring everything is consistent. Our proofreaders check carefully for errors and will also make recommendations where they may help you. Our on-site production centre works to the highest standards, ensuring you get consistent, quality planners that will last the school year.

If you are an existing customer, it can be as simple as sending us new term dates. For new customers, you can:

  • send us other school resources for inclusion
  • use any copyright-free content from your existing planner
  • choose any number of pages from our extensive planner content library

You don’t need to worry about presentation – just bundle your ideas and send to us. Our design team will take care of the rest.

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. Cost is added per page you choose to include – there are no hidden extras. Full pricing is included in our free information pack, and our team will advise you if we have any promotions or early order discounts available to you. Note that it does not cost extra to have more than one edition, e.g. for each Key Stage.

We print and bind in our Huntingdon production centre using high-quality materials that will last the full school year. Our standard papers are 80gsm and have been tested to ensure they hold ink well without blotting for most pen types. Covers are heavy card, laminated for durability to avoid moisture ingress from damp kit in schoolbags. Outer covers are polypropylene, which is 100% recyclable and highly valued in the recycling process, along with the binding. In most places, the planner can be dropped into your household recycling. We recommend removing the spiral binding before recycling. For plastic coils, simply snip off one end and pull out from the other!
Please note that we can, for a small cost, offer recycled papers for your planners.


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We can order different colours for our visually impaired students and also A4 sizes for those SEND students who need them.

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Our planners give our parents much needed information about our students’ days (a lot of our students are non-verbal and have autism).

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As a special school we have been able to tailor the planner to our needs which is crucial for home communication and sharing appropriate targets amongst the curriculum and pastoral areas.

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