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SEN Student Planners

Fully customised planners to support schools and students with special educational needs

What is a fully customised SEN planner?

We know that no two SEN schools are the same, and each will have a different approach to tracking progress, organising home learning, and communicating with staff, parents and carers.

Customised planners have several benefits over generic planners, as they can be designed to reflect what’s important to the school. Customised pages allows you to create a planner that is relevant to your students and their parents.

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How to make a customised planner

What’s included in a customised SEN planner?

School Info & Policies

All of your important school information and policies can be made readily available.


Home-school Communication

Customised student planners simplify home-school communication and support a behaviour management strategy.


Communication Support Pages

Pages that outline ways to communicate with others.

School Info and Policies


Student planners can contain term dates specific to your school and customised timetables.


Homework Diary

Student planners are about much more than setting and tracking of homework, but you can create a homework diary section that is perfect for your school.


Learning Support

Include pages that are tailored to the specific learning needs of pupils.


How we help and support you

Dedicated Support

Our customers are assigned a dedicated planner specialist to help them through every step of the process.

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Hundreds of Page Ideas

We provide free access to our library of page ideas, featuring hundreds of planner pages designed with the support of teachers.

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Easy Online Proofing

ProofHQ, our online proofing system, makes amending your customised student planners quick and easy.

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Library of page ideas

Every customer gets access to our free library of page ideas. The library is a catalogue of student planner pages that we have created alongside teachers. There are three main ways to get the most out of the library of page ideas:

Use the pages as they are. Often schools find pages in the library of page ideas to be relevant and useful without additional changes.

Edit the library pages. Schools often like the pages in the library of page ideas, but need them to be edited to better suit their students.

Use the library of page ideas as inspiration. Draw inspiration and gain an understanding of what type of pages schools often include. Plan some unique pages for our designers to create.

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International Schools

We Ship Worldwide

We already deliver customised planners to many schools worldwide