We are The School Planner Company

Helping school leadership improve outcomes for their students with customisable planners and exercise books.


The School Planner Company’s mission is to develop customised planners and exercise books for each school’s individual needs. These products connect students, parents and teachers around a common goal. To help achieve the best possible student outcomes. Our advisors help development, the designers create a coherent and consistent design. Expert proofreaders ensure accuracy. Our production centre has been created to offer the most appropriate materials and finishes (binding). Ensuring these resources keep working hard for the entire school year.

SPC Planner Production

Our Goals

We set ourselves a single-minded goal: to develop a way of actively helping schools to develop the perfect planner for their students’ needs while reducing demands on their time. To produce to the highest standards and keep the cost as close to the commodity offerings as possible. We selected the best design and publishing technologies and set about researching best-practices to build our content library. We scoured the country for production centres that could adapt to produce our complex, customised publications at a sustainable cost. In 2006, we moved into our first factory to bring printing in-house. In 2011, we relocated to our current home in Huntingdon with our 50,000 square-foot space enabling us to bring all processes in-house.

SPC Exercise Books

Our Team

The team has been growing and building skills and expertise for over 20 years. We remain dedicated to learning, sharing, and a commitment to support our loyal customers.

Thank you to the thousands of schools that put their trust in us year after year to support their needs. It makes everyone at The School Planner Company feel a little bit special that we can, in our small way, support and encourage the education of children in the UK and overseas.

SPC Team at Bett