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Why Choose Fully Customised?

We have been working with schools for more than 15 years, and understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to planning resources for both students and teachers. That’s why every page in our library of ideas is fully customisable, depending on your needs. Want something completely different? We can design pages for you that meet your needs. These are just some of the benefits of complete customisation:

Student Planners


– A completely bespoke homework diary section in your planners maximises how your students engage with managing their homework

– Home-school communication pages can be designed to include information or practices that work best for your school

– Policy pages are designed to reflect what matters to your school, communicating what is important to students and parents

– Include your school’s own rewards and praise system – or we can help you put one together

– Combine multiple resources including subject reference pages – save on time and money!

Teacher Planners


– Include pages for professional development, depending on how your school supports its staff

– Timetable pages can be adapted to reflect the timings of your school day

– Include marking criteria that is relevant to each department, meaning less need for additional resources

– Simplify and improve lesson planning, using as little or as much structure as you want

– Calendar dates that are important to your school can be printed and highlighted throughout your planner

Different editions for Key Stages at no extra cost!

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