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How Planners Generate Income

Make Your Planners Generate IncomeUpwards of £2000

Your planners can generate upwards of £2,000 for secondary or £1,000 for primary schools. Once you know where to start, school planners are the single easiest way to generate school income.

You just have to unlock this potential.

Acquire Local Business Sponsorship

These businesses have a vested interest in getting their products in front of parents’ eyes.

Driving schools, banks, facilities, venues, restaurants, and local tradespeople jump at the chance to include advertising in school planners.

How Can You Incorporate Sponsorship?

Sponsorship on your outer/inner planner covers

Many businesses prefer to sponsor planner covers.

Having local business sponsorship on your covers not only raises funds for your school – it also demonstrates your school’s ties with the local community.

It’s easy to add a small, non-invasive logo to the inside or outside front cover, with no detriment to the overall design and function of the planner.

Sell sponsorship slots on your planner covers

Customised homework pages

To keep things simple, many schools choose to offer a single sponsorship slot throughout their entire diary section.

However, customised homework diary pages also allow you to offer sponsorship on a per-month basis for seasonal businesses. 

Generate extra funding for your school budget by selling sponsorship slots in your planners

Dedicated advertising pages

We can help you with the design of your inside advertising pages. You could offer full-page, half-page, or quarter-page advertisements.

You could place these at the front or back of the planner, or include them in the diary section at the appropriate time of year.

There are many options for sponsored advert pages in planners

Other options

Other options are also available. For example, you could customise your clip-in rulers to include sponsorship and advertisement, or acquire sponsorship for your customised exercise books.

If you want clip-in rulers for your students, why not ask a local business to sponsor them?

School Promotion

Use the planner to raise awareness of all the other ways your school generates income.

School planners are a powerful promotional tool. You can advertise upcoming school fundraisers, after-school classes, car parking, and event/space hire, ensuring that all parents know what your school has to offer.

You could even print this information onto the diary page that corresponds with event dates.

An example of a custom sponsored planner

How much could I charge?

Here’s how much you may be able to charge (based on advertisement size and student population):

0-250 250-500 500-1000 1000+
Cover sponsor £125 £175 £275 £375
Homework page sponsor £100 £150 £250 £350
A5 page advert
£160 £240 £400 £560
Half A5 advert
£80 £120 £200 £280
Quarter A5 advert
£40 £60 £100 £140
Eighth A5 advert
£20 £30 £50 £70

Please note that these figures are a representation of what you could charge for planner sponsorship.

Sponsorship rates will differ based on your local area.

Interested in finding out more about customised planner sponsorship, or just want to get started?

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