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Paper Planners that Support Digital Homework Solutions

Paper planners raise attainment

Ease of Use

Paper companion planners help parents and families to connect with your digital planning solution by supporting and integrating with it.

This is particularly useful for parents that aren’t used to using digital technology.

Every Child Matters

While you can’t ensure that every child with have the same level of access to your digital planning solution outside of school hours, you can provide them with a companion paper planner.

Paper planners have “always on” functionality, ensuring that every child is on a level playing field.

Year-on-Year Improvement

You can’t easily edit the form and function of a digital planner.

However, you can iterate on a customised paper planner year-on-year to create the ultimate companion to digital planners.

Digital planning solutions vs Paper

Raising Attainment

How do paper planners support students alongside your digital planner?

Even if you also have a digital solution,
your students will still benefit from a paper planner

Our ‘digital companion planners’ are specifically designed to compliment and enhance your digital planning systems. Contact us now to find out how!

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