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5 Tips To Promote Mental Health Awareness In Your School

There’s a looming mental health crisis. Covid-19 has created a wave of emotional problems for young people around the world. Outside of the home, schools are the first to see the impact of these issues and many teachers and staff []

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Mental Health and Wellbeing: The Role Of School

Hayley Walton explains the importance of mental health and wellbeing not only being a part of the curriculum, but something to nurture every day. As educators, we wear many different hats each day dependent on what the children under our []

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Supporting GCSE and BTEC Students Through Examination Stress

We spend so much time focusing on the outcome of examinations and students’ results, it’s easy to forget about the impact this is having on their mental health. In this country, 80% of young people believe that exam pressure has []

The Ultimate Guide to Teacher Stress Relief
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The Ultimate Guide to Teacher Stress Relief

In fact, 75% of teachers report high levels of stress, which is a significant margin over other occupations. The outcome is clear: teachers – particularly NQTs – are leaving the profession in droves. All statistics point to teacher stress being []

The cycle of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance
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Grief: A Layer Of Mental Health We Should Be Talking About

Does anyone know how to talk to a child about grief and loss? It’s a sincere question, because I certainly don’t have the answer. I can only use my own experience to inform my past-self which perhaps isn’t as helpful []

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Helping Students To SEAL Away Stress

As we enter exam results season, it’s common for many of us to think back on how it felt to get our own exam results. Scared? Anxious? Excited? The system has changed over the years; O-Levels, AS Levels, Coursework, A2 []

Fostering the growth mindset in children
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The Growth Mindset in Education

“I can’t do it”. Sometimes, this pessimistic four-word mantra can be difficult to brush aside. It’s all too easy to believe that the 5k run you foolishly agreed to, the 50,000 word writing challenge you signed up for on a []

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The PSHE Magic Formula: Building a PSHE Curriculum

While it is true that PSHE education is non-statutory, it’s important to remember that a balanced PSHE education is an essential provision to safeguarding and student safety. You can’t have one without the other. “All schools should make provision for []

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5 SEMH Ideas for Your Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Curriculum

Social, Emotional, and Mental Health education. It’s not something that’s often discussed, but, in a world where children can communicate cross-globally using small rectangles of glass and have access to a vast web of unfiltered information, the need for schools []

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Tackling Childhood Obesity: Eatwell Guide Now Available

Earlier this year, the National Obesity Forum released tips and advice for helping to keep children and young people active and healthy, and encouraged people to get involved as part of an awareness week drive. Efforts included putting up healthy eating []