Student writing in learning journal
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What is a Learning Journal?

Learning journals make it simple to build up a weekly snap-shot of learning and achievement. Making insights into thought processes readily available for parents’ evenings or Ofsted inspections. Schools can use journals in each classroom to encourage independent learning, and []

child writing in printed school material
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Science Makes the Case for Printed Planners

Screen time for kids has long been a much debated topic, with many arguing that screens are detrimental to children’s health. In recent times there has been a shift from printed to digital materials in schools. This has been, of []

school pupil getting rewarded by teacher
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Are School Reward Systems The Key To Academic Achievement?

School reward systems are an effective method of managing behaviour within the classroom, as well as actively promoting school values and teaching children right from wrong. They are largely based on the theories of behaviourism and social learning theory, the []

Student getting creative
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Free Creative Resource Pack For Stephen Lawrence Day

The School Planner Company is delighted to share some exciting new free resources for teachers and parents from The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust ahead of Stephen Lawrence Day on 22 April 2020. In this resource pack you will find: Read []

Girl Using revision cards
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How To Use Revision Flashcards

There’s a few simple techniques you can use with your revision flashcards to trick your brain into retaining information. Images Draw a picture on the blank side of each card. The human brain is excellent at recalling pictures, but can []

Teacher Talking to students
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What is a Customised Teacher Planner?

A customised teacher planner is the perfect tool to help teachers manage their time and workload, with pages that have been specifically designed with the busy teacher in mind. Some of the pages that we have developed in our library []

how do i make a school planner
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How To Make A School Planner

Getting your ideas together If you are ordering planners for the first time, or want to understand how to make the planner even more valuable to your school community, please take 15 minutes to read this guide. Identify the broad []