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A Year 10 Student’s Point of View on SPC

Introduction My School Planner Company experience this week has been very different to what I generally get involved in, as I have never been in a workplace before and am usually based in a school. It’s been a new experience and I have enjoyed my time here a lot. Over my time here, I have met lots of new people in different departments of The School Planner Company like IT, marketing, and sales, and I can say they’re all very happy friendly people. From my time at Mimeo, I have learned a lot about what it’s like to be at work...

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Creative Solutions to the Plastic-Free Classroom

Plastic. It’s the dirty word nobody wants to hear. Whatever we do in our day-to-day lives, from public transport to the very food we eat, plastic is everywhere. While we may not have been aware of the dangers of plastics while growing up, the current generation of children are more in-touch with the dangers of pollution than any preceding it. This is largely attributed to David Attenborough’s work with Blue Planet II, but there’s also increasing societal pressure to find a solution to this problem – pressure that was made clear by the introduction of the supermarket carrier bag tariff....

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Closing the Digital Skills Gap

How many mobile phones have you confiscated this term alone? An annual computing education report from the University of Roehampton has found that only 12% of this year’s GCSE students have opted to study Computing to GCSE level; more worryingly, only 2.7% have continued this through to A-Level. This may seem like an odd statistic when you consider the small stack of impounded phones sitting in your desk drawer....

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Sparking Trends In The Classroom With Google Trends

I spend a decent amount of time each week researching content for both our website and blog, as well as to stay on top of what's happening in education and this week has been no different. After browsing the usual sites and Twitter accounts, I found myself back at an old favourite; Google Trends. A couple of 'oo, that's interesting!' exclamations and a few "huh" noises later, I've managed to lose the best part of an hour clicking through different topics and metrics, fascinated by the sheer level of data. I was feeling inspired, but still had no topic to...

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