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What is a Learning Journal?

Learning journals make it simple to build up a weekly snap-shot of learning and achievement. Making insights into thought processes readily available for parents’ evenings or Ofsted inspections. Schools can use journals in each classroom to encourage independent learning, and []

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Science Makes the Case for Printed Planners

Screen time for kids has long been a much debated topic, with many arguing that screens are detrimental to children’s health. In recent times there has been a shift from printed to digital materials in schools. This has been, of []

father and son homework
Secondary Education

Why Should I Use Homework Diary Pages?

Homework Diaries for Primary Schools Homework diaries at primary level can be a great way to engage parents in their child’s education. Include tips on how they can best support their child with homework tasks and help them to manage []

Exam Stress
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Supporting GCSE and BTEC Students Through Examination Stress

We spend so much time focusing on the outcome of examinations and students’ results, it’s easy to forget about the impact this is having on their mental health. In this country, 80% of young people believe that exam pressure has []

Fostering the growth mindset in children
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The Growth Mindset in Education

“I can’t do it”. Sometimes, this pessimistic four-word mantra can be difficult to brush aside. It’s all too easy to believe that the 5k run you foolishly agreed to, the 50,000 word writing challenge you signed up for on a []

Computing in secondary school

The Importance of a Modern Computing Education Curriculum

Back in the day, I elected to study Computing (then called ICT) at AS-Level. Bright-eyed and expectant, I rolled up to my Sixth Form on the first day of term, ready to learn about programming, website design, and the mysteries []

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The PSHE Magic Formula: Building a PSHE Curriculum

While it is true that PSHE education is non-statutory, it’s important to remember that a balanced PSHE education is an essential provision to safeguarding and student safety. You can’t have one without the other. “All schools should make provision for []

GCSE reform
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GCSE Reform Explained – How The Numerical Grade System Works

If you’re feeling a bit confused about GCSE reform, don’t despair! We’ve done the hard work for you and condensed all the need-to-knows into a single post. New Grades You’ve probably heard about the GCSE new grading system. Instead of []

A downcast teacher sits alone on a swing pgce
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10 Things You Didn’t Learn On Your PGCE

If you are currently working as a teacher, you probably had to complete a PGCE. Whilst we’re not questioning the value of the qualification, there is little doubt that it doesn’t fully prepare you for the world of teaching. We polled some []

Children reading a story on a roof
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Teaching The Pixar Story Structure

The structure of stories are simple. They have a beginning, a middle, and an end, right? That’s how I was taught to structure stories when I was at school, and that’s how students today continue to be taught. While it []

Find your voice and express yourself with creative writing
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10 Points to Consider When Writing Creatively

We love creative writing. The skills learned from writing creatively are, in our opinion, some of the most valuable skills students can acquire. Despite this, we know from speaking with our customers that teaching creative writing can be one of []