Student using knowledge organisers while learning
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What are Knowledge Organisers and why are they so popular in schools?

What are knowledge organisers? Originally used in secondary schools, knowledge organisers are now becoming more popular in primaries as well. They isolate the key facts from a unit of work or a curriculum subject with the intention of being memorised. []

Child reading a book for school
Primary Education

Reading Records and Literacy Guides

Developing reading skills at Key Stage 1 is part of the National Curriculum and an essential aspect of a child’s learning experience. From increasing their vocabulary to improving their spelling, the benefits of reading are far-reaching and well documented. Many []

father and son homework
Secondary Education

Why Should I Use Homework Diary Pages?

Homework Diaries for Primary Schools Homework diaries at primary level can be a great way to engage parents in their child’s education. Include tips on how they can best support their child with homework tasks and help them to manage []

Young pupils completing a baseline assessment
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Does Primary Baseline Assessment Benefit Children?

Is it right to assess four- to five-year-olds? The proposed baseline assessment test will only be sat for a few minutes, but the impact of these tests could be more wide-reaching.

Fostering the growth mindset in children
Health and Wellbeing

The Growth Mindset in Education

“I can’t do it”. Sometimes, this pessimistic four-word mantra can be difficult to brush aside. It’s all too easy to believe that the 5k run you foolishly agreed to, the 50,000 word writing challenge you signed up for on a []

Primary kids on the computers
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5 Ways to Support Computing in Primary Schools

When it comes to ICT academia, we’re being quickly overtaken by other countries. Computers are everywhere nowadays, but less than 2% of A-Level exams sat in 2016 were for Computing. Aside from the obvious pastoral and safeguarding benefits of computing education []

winter lesson ideas snow
Primary Education

10 Great Resources for Wintery Lesson Plans

Christmas is done and dusted, and the New Year’s parties have fizzled out. It’s likely that you’re back at work, and, if you’re teaching, there’s a chance that you’re feeling somewhat less inspired without the myriad creative ideas that the []

A downcast teacher sits alone on a swing pgce
Primary Education

10 Things You Didn’t Learn On Your PGCE

If you are currently working as a teacher, you probably had to complete a PGCE. Whilst we’re not questioning the value of the qualification, there is little doubt that it doesn’t fully prepare you for the world of teaching. We polled some []

Children reading a story on a roof
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Teaching The Pixar Story Structure

The structure of stories are simple. They have a beginning, a middle, and an end, right? That’s how I was taught to structure stories when I was at school, and that’s how students today continue to be taught. While it []