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Primary Education

Dealing With SEMH Issues in the Classroom

Social, Emotional, and Mental Health (SEMH) issues have become the proverbial elephant in the classroom, and are now recognised in the 2014 SEND Code of Practice. It’s vitally important to notice these issues as they develop in children and to take action, as it can affect their education, future life prospects, and how they develop relationships and attitudes as they grow older. Often, SEMH issues stem from other, concealed issues, whether these be problems at home, depression, anxiety at school, or disorders such as ADHD. Whatever the catalyst for this trend – social media, societal change, increasing academic pressure, or improved diagnosis –...

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Does Primary Baseline Assessment Benefit Children?

Is it right to assess four- to five-year-olds? The proposed baseline assessment test will only be sat for a few minutes, but the impact of these tests could be more wide-reaching. Due to be piloted in 2019, there are plans to implement primary baseline assessment nationwide in 2020 following a successful trial. Assessment will be carried out via a 20-minute test that spans literacy, numeracy, and emotional literacy, with an aim to getting a snapshot of children’s ability as they enter school. The stated aim is to track improvement from Reception class to Year 6, and to use this data to provide...

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The Growth Mindset in Education

“I can’t do it”. Sometimes, this pessimistic four-word mantra can be difficult to brush aside. It’s all too easy to believe that the 5k run you foolishly agreed to, the 50,000 word writing challenge you signed up for on a whimsy, or even an average Thursday morning lesson with the class from hell are insurmountable obstacles, designed to waste your time and embarrass your ego. In many cases, this might be true. You can’t possibly run that far, or for that long. Yet. I can’t do it yet....

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Top Resources For Parents To Help Develop Their Child’s Literacy

Let's not beat around the bush with this one: reading and literacy matters. From helping children to develop their vocabulary skills to giving them better opportunities in life, reading has been proven time and time again to have a huge impact on the life of a child. Statistics only help to solidify what education professionals already know; reading for pleasure can have a greater impact on a child's cognitive development than the educational background of their parents....

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5 Ways to Support Computing in Primary Schools

When it comes to ICT academia, we're being quickly overtaken by other countries. Computers are everywhere nowadays, but less than 2% of A-Level exams sat in 2016 were for Computing. Aside from the obvious pastoral and safeguarding benefits of computing education and digital literacy, the world of work is a fast-changing landscape, and education needs to keep up with the needs of the modern workplace. To keep up with tech-savvy super-nations like India and China, we need to involve British children in computing from a primary school age to develop a genuine interest in the subject....

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Have You Thanked Your TA Recently? #NationalTADay – 16th September

When you reflect back on your school days, do you remember there being more than one adult in the classroom at times? Maybe you had a bit of extra support with subjects that you found challenging? Was there someone who wasn’t a teacher you knew you could go to for support? Then you’ve more than likely come into contact with a Teaching Assistant, a stalwart of UK classrooms. September 16th marks National Teaching Assistants' Day, a chance to celebrate all that these professionals do to support teachers and students....

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