Fun with Google Trends
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Sparking Trends In The Classroom With Google Trends

I spend a decent amount of time each week researching content for both our website and blog, as well as to stay on top of what’s happening in education and this week has been no different. After browsing the usual []

ERA 2018 Winner – Education Resources Award 2018 for Best Classroom Resource
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Award-Winning Customised Exercise Books

We’re thrilled to announce that our Customised Exercise Book product has won the well-established Education Resources Award 2018 for best general classroom resource, beating out Staedtler, Helix Maped, and Scanning Pens! Now in their 19th year, these awards are widely []

A schoolchild diligently completes his homework
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9 Study Tips – Backed By Science

Chances are that everyone you know has a different take on how they prepared for tests, and will offer completely different tips than another person would. Maybe you don’t remember what you found most effective, but you do know it was based []

Ideas to help students tell stories, storytelling
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Group Exercise Ideas for Storytelling Week

Humans love stories. Even when we sleep, we create stories in our dreams. Stories influence almost everything we do – what we buy, what we do, and even what we eat. There’s a story to the potato that left the []

girl crying
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Bullying: No Matter How Many Years Pass, It Stays With Us All

Do you remember your first experience with bullying at school? Perhaps it was when you were a student in primary school and you saw another child get pushed over. Maybe you were the child being pushed. There’s a chance you []