Why Should I Use Homework Diary Pages?

Homework Diaries for Primary Schools

Homework diaries at primary level can be a great way to engage parents in their child’s education. Include tips on how they can best support their child with homework tasks and help them to manage their own time outside of school. By leaving space for both pupils and their parents to comment on homework, you are also nourishing a strong home-school relationship that leaves communication more open.

Homework diary pages at a primary level are typically more simplified. The overarching goal being to gradually introduce pupils to the idea of time ownership and organisation, something they will come into contact with at secondary level.

It also serves as an additional way for teachers to identify areas in which students might be struggling, by noticing how they are managing their homework diary.


Homework Diaries for Secondary Schools

Pages for secondary students to record their homework often make up the largest section of a student planner. This is an important part of teaching children about taking ownership of their time. Laying the foundations for developing organisational skills that will ultimately benefit them throughout school and beyond. Tracking homework that has been set along with due dates and any supporting information gives pupils an at-a-glance view of what work they have been set outside of school. Encouraging them to prioritise what is most important to finish first. It can be useful to include a space for parents to sign the homework diary on a weekly basis, as well as a section for teacher comments.

Homework diary pages can be as structured as you wish them to be. Separate spaces for subject areas, key stages, learning objectives, and progress. Keeping it simple with plenty of space for students to take notes helps support a creative approach to the curriculum. Allowing children themselves to take ownership of how they are recording their homework.

The inclusion of learning objectives is another way to encourage students to keep track of their own education milestones. So if they feel there is something they haven’t understood well, they are able to express this more clearly to either teachers or parents. Referencing the particular objective they feel they need more help with.

The homework recording page templates you’ll find in our library include both minimal templates and more detailed templates depending on the type of recording system you use in your school. As with all of our planner pages, we can create a completely new homework recording page for you. If you have ideas on what you’d like it to include or look like but don’t know where to go next with the design process. It’s all about making your planners work for you and your students; recording homework is a vital part of the school day and will probably form the biggest section of your planners. So the contents should be tailored in a way that is most effective for your school.

Our team is here to give you all the help and support you need to create the best possible personalised homework diaries for your school. If you have any questions or need advice, please call us on 01480 410432 or email: planners@schoolplanners.co.uk and we will be happy to help.