What is a Customised Teacher Planner?

A customised teacher planner is the perfect tool to help teachers manage their time and workload, with pages that have been specifically designed with the busy teacher in mind. Some of the pages that we have developed in our library include (but are not limited to):

Pressures on teachers continue to grow with swelling class sizes and along with the need to meet standards set by governing bodies, planning enriching lessons, and having an active role in each pupil’s education, it’s not a surprise that many teachers feel they are time poor.

Marking criteria

Schools have targets, and so marking criteria is often implemented across all subject areas; teachers will need to refer to these when assessing their students’ homework. Our library includes a range of well-researched pages that provide teachers with an easy-to-access reference to use while marking work; these are all editable to reflect your school’s own policies and our designers are happy to incorporate your own ideas as part of these pages.

Customised teacher planner lesson planning spread

Lesson planning

Despite finding time a precious commodity, the vast majority of teachers are still tirelessly dedicated to providing an enriching education experience for students right up to the age of 18. By including dedicated pages that have been developed to support efficient lesson planning, teachers are able to focus on the content they deliver to students. Our library of ideas includes plenty of options for lesson planning templates, from the very simple, to templates that include key learning outcomes for a more structured approach. As with all of our planners, everything can be customised to your specifications at no extra cost.

Professional development

We understand that, when it comes to professional development, there definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution that teachers can use to record process through any training or adaptations to the way in which they teach. Our customised planners can include as much as you need to effectively record and track progress through your career. It can also act as a useful reference for other staff involved in any training, such as a mentor or tutor.

While there are certain benchmarks that schools may want to include in teacher planners to ensure that staff have quick access to them, there are countless ways in which you can use customised pages to support teachers in monitoring their own progression, as well as other references to inspire them as they further their skill set in the teaching profession.

There is no limit to how many variations of pages you can have that reference professional development; it may be that you have different versions depending on the department or subject teacher.

Some of the commonly requested pages for professional development include:

  • Team roles and behaviours
  • Managing gaps in roles
  • Leadership styles
  • SLT review templates
  • CPD needs
  • Targets for subject/year heads
  • Agendas for meetings and training days
  • Individual/self assessment

If your school uses customised student planners, you might not have considered the benefits of a fully customised teacher planner.

Complement your student planners

You can build your teacher planners to complement and work with your student planners. There are dozens of ways to squeeze out additional value.

Build in school policies

With a fully customised teacher planner, you can add your school’s unique school policies. Rather than being confined to rigid, pre-printed school policy lists, you can add your own policies in any style you can think of.

Many schools include their marking codes and pages on fire safety. You could also include copies of pages from your student planners, such as the home-school agreement, anti-bullying policy, or any other policies that you think it would be useful for staff to have a copy of.

Staff handbook

Save on the cost of producing staff handbooks by including them in your teacher planners. This has the additional benefit of ensuring that your staff always have this information to hand. You could include pages on pedagogy and best practice, professionalism, and professional development, or any educational systems your school subscribes to, such as Assessment for Learning. The Library of Page Ideas has dozens of designs that you can browse for free.
It’s also easy to include registration and assessment sheets in any quantity you choose.


Every school has a unique way of working; this extends into the structure of the school day. Rather than forcing your staff to work and record information about the school day in a format that isn’t relevant to your school, you can provide them with timetables and planning pages that fit around their school day.

Specific educational needs

Schools that have a particular focus on or a large intake of students with specific educational needs find it useful to include pages that outline specific learning difficulties. The Library of Page Ideas includes a series of these pages that are crammed with relevant information and tips to improve learning and understanding.

Pre-populate important dates

You can send in your important dates and events in any format, and The School Planner Company will do all of the design work to add them to your customised teacher planners. Keep everyone informed of the goings-on of the school and save your staff time and effort by including this information in their planners.
If you have pre-determined assembly themes for the entire year, consider adding this to your staff diary section.

First aid

Staff have ultimate responsibility for the children in their care. Because of this, it can be reassuring to know that your teacher planners include first aid pages that describe an overview of basic first aid procedures.
If your school intake includes students that have particular health risks – for example, severe asthma or epilepsy – you could include pages that describe specific symptoms to look out for, or outline emergency first aid procedures.

You may also want to include the names and contact details of your named first aiders and fire wardens.

Made to measure

As every page is fully customisable, you could include phone numbers or contact details for specific members of staff.