Product Spotlight: Customised Exercise Books

Earlier this year, we launched a new product to sit among our flagship range of customised items for students and teachers; exercise books. The humble exercise book has been a classroom workhorse for as long as any of us can remember, and we’ve all used them. From the satisfaction of opening a fresh exercise book at the start of the school year to the moment you fill in the last page, it’s a nostalgic memory that has stood the test of time.

So why are we adding customised exercise books to our product roster? As with many school resources, it is becoming more useful to have content that is tailored to an individual’s schools way of working. While there are curriculum standards and universal systems in place, how each school delivers and manages educational material will be unique to that particular school. As with our planners, we offer cover to cover customisation – and here’s why that matters in today’s schools.

Marking policies aren’t ‘one size fits all’

It used to be the case that most students could recognise that their work had been marked by the presence of red pen and an encircled grade. The reality is that marking and feedback is far deeper than this, and there are myriad methods or systems that schools can adopt – with many even choosing to implement their own marking schemes. If a school has a completely customised policy for marking, why should their materials reflect a generic system? Whether you use a combination of WWW and EBI or something entirely bespoke, we believe that exercise books should have the required space to implement these policies with minimal time expense paid by school staff.

School subjects vary greatly

As the national curriculum grows, so does the way in which students record their work. More creative subjects may require quite a different exercise book to the core subjects like mathematics. We have a variety Generic Exercise Booksof specialist page styles in our library including French-rules, half blank/half lined, and Genkouyoushi/Chinese writing paper. Alternatively, our specialist designers can put together something entirely bespoke for your school.

Support students with reference pages

Any of our planner pages can be adapted for use in your exercise book. Giving schools the opportunity to include handy subject-specific reference pages at the front and back of the book (or both), eliminating the need for additional print-outs. As an added perk, if the references are right there as part of the exercise book, there’s less opportunity for the age-old excuse of losing loose-leaf pages to help with homework (we’ve all done it, let’s be honest).

As our exercise books develop alongside the schools we work with, we’d love to incorporate more ideas and uses into our product and page idea library – we’d love to get your feedback. You can even use our planners and exercise books in tandem – get in touch with one of our planner specialists to find out more.

You can request exercise book samples here.